This Careless Life Q&A

What inspired you to write 'This Careless Life'?

Lots of things...but principally, 'An Inspector Calls' by J.B. Priestley. It's always been one of my favourite plays, both as a reader and a teacher, and it's a perennial favourite with schools.
Whenever I taught it, I'd find myself drawing parallels with the present day and after years of coming up with examples, I decided to write a book to demonstrate it!
The idea behind the play- that we should look at how we treat others not just how others treat us- seems particularly relevant in the fallout of the political turmoil of recent years. It felt like the perfect time to write this book.

​​What happens in the book?

Four school friends have applied to a reality TV company looking to follow a group of A Level students in the summer before they head off to Uni. But when the producer arrives for their audition, events take an unexpected turn as they're forced to confront the terrible consequences of their own thoughtless actions.

​Why 'This Careless Life'?

​Firstly, it's the name of the TV show. Mainly, though, none of the friends are malicious; they don't set out to destroy anyone else's life. But they do sail through life ignoring the impact their actions have on others.